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Avril Lavigne Hairstyles

Poison, Guns N Roses, Kid Rock, Def Leopard, Kate Moss and Avril Lavigne, what all do they have in common? That's right, they are rock stars! How do you tell a rock star is a rock star, besides by their music? By their rock star hairstyles! We cannot get over just how wicked many of those stars have their hairs. Looking back in the eighty's, we see the big un-kept hairstyles. Yeah, they may have been un-kept, but they sure were sexy. So, how would one go about achieving those totally awesome hairstyles?
We will only ask you once, so listen up ' are you ready to have a rocking style like all the rockers out there?
Stop fighting against that hairs natural texture. Put all of those products down right now. This year, the hair that is messy, glossy and plain out rebel is in. Get that natural look in no time!
First, take the dry hair and separate it into small section. Twist it with two fingers and pin strands on the top f your head. Now, spray the hair with some water until it is extremely wet. Now, remove those pins and let the hair loosely fall down into its natural waves. Flip the head down and shake it, like you're doing some head banging to a rock song sung by Def Leopard. As you're doing this, work those fingers into it. This is going to add some texture and volume. Now, let it naturally dry.
There you have it! The rock star hairstyles you have been looking for! Perhaps, you could do like Avril Lavigne and add some color to it. You know, make it look like you're a rocker with an added twist. Now, it's time to go listen to that good old rock music with a good hairstyle!